Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars

STOP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW AND GET THE BOOK The Fault in Our Stars by John Green AND READ IT IMMEDIATELY. If you haven't already of course.

I believe it was last summer I started hearing just about everyone on the internet talking about
The Fault in Our Stars, John Green, book, book review
this book. Saying it was beautiful and brought them to tears. Saying it was a must read. I was totally on board with that but didn't rush to the book store to pick it up... yet. The second I found out they were making a movie of it I snatched it up and boy, oh boy, you want to do the same. I am sure they will do a great job with the movie, but this book WAS so beautiful I think you want to experience it personally through reading first (plus, we all know traditionally movies sometimes don't quite live up to the book). Just as others said, I did cry. A fair amount. Second book I've ever cried in (the other being Still Alice). It's amazing to have such a connection to a book. 

The basic idea is that the book follows a young girl named Hazel, who has been battling cancer for years. In an attempt to get her to liven up and get out of the house, her parents make her go to a support group. It's in this group she has a friend named Issac, and through him, meets Augustus. From there the book follows Hazel and Augustus and they bond, and connect in a deep and loving way. They help each other and they bring joy to each others lives. There's not much more I can say that wouldn't be giving things away. Even thinking about it I can't help but smile! 

It is a book that I believe sits in the Young Adult section of the book store (like Hunger Games) but even though the main characters are teens, you would never know it belonged there. It's so real and the emotion of it feels very mature. I should also mention that I think it's pretty darn funny! Hazel and Augustus have a dry and at times sarcastic sense of humour that I related to immediately. I think actually the review from Jodi Picoult on the cover is pretty darn accurate: "Electric... filled with staccato bursts of humor and tragedy".

Anyway, please do see for yourself, and enjoy! 

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